Apple, Celery and Nut Salad


You’ll Need:

For Dressing
1 tablespoonful Crisco
1 teaspoonful mustard
1 teaspoonful sugar
? teaspoonful salt
? teaspoonful white pepper
2 eggs
4 tablespoonfuls lemon juice
1 cupful whipped cream
For Salad
1 quart chopped apples
1 pint diced celery
1? cupfuls blanched and shredded almonds
2/3 cupful rolled pecan nut meats

Procedures : To prepare this Apple, Celery and Nut Salad Recipe, first for salad. Mix apples, celery and nut meats.

For dressing. Melt Crisco, add mustard, sugar, salt, pepper, yolks of eggs well beaten, and lemon juice. Cook in double boiler till it thickens, then add whites of eggs stiffly beaten. Chill and add whipped cream just before serving. Dressing should be mixed with fruit

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