Chicken and Banana Eggroll


You’ll Need:

1 lrg whole chicken breast
2 lrg firm bananas
2 tsp sesame oil
2 eggs
2 tbsp milk
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
2 tsp flour mixed with
2/3 tsp cold water to make thick paste
4 eggroll wrappers
3 cup oil for deep-frying

Procedures : Halve chicken breast, lay one half flat and slice through it horizontally. Repeat with other half. Use rolling pin to roll breast meat pieces into very thin slices. Brush lightly with sesame oil. Peel and cut bananas in half to yield two round sections about length of chicken breasts.
Beat eggs with milk. Wrap thin piece of chicken around section of banana; dredge with flour; dip in egg mixture. Roll wrapped banana in eggroll wrapper, tucking sides of wrapper as you roll. Seal end of wrapper with flour paste. At this point, you can cover and chill or freeze them until ready to deep-fry.
Deep-frying: Heat deep-frying oil in wok until bubbles form around a bamboo chopstick held upright in center of oil.
Deep-fry until light brown, drain. After rolls have cooled slightly, slice into 1″ sections. Serve. If not serving right away, refry rolls briefly to recrisp, then slice and serve

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