Raisin and Buttermilk Bread


You’ll Need:

4 cupfuls flour
5 tablespoonfuls Crisco
1 teaspoonful salt
1 teaspoonful soda
2 teaspoonfuls cream of tartar
3 tablespoonfuls sugar
2 eggs
Buttermilk to make soft dough
1 cupful sultana raisins

Procedures : To prepare this Raisin and Buttermilk Bread Recipe, first sift flour, salt, soda and cream of tartar into basin, rub in Crisco fine, add sugar, raisins, eggs well beaten, and sufficient buttermilk to make soft dough. Make into smooth mound, roll out, divide into four pieces, lay on greased tin and bake in moderate oven twenty-five minutes.

Sufficient to make four small loaves

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